Mechanical Metalwork

Perozeni's mechanical and metalworking industry was founded in 1975 by the brothers Armando and Daniele Perozeni and operates in the sector of various mechanical and metalworks.

Reliability and investments have always been the company’s most important commitments, with constant improvement and renewal of the structures, methods and equipment to respond effectively to the needs and demands of an ever-evolving clientele.

The company is currently located in premises covering about 10,000 square meters with a staff of about 70 qualified employees.

A strong technical background and skills acquired in over 40 years of experience enable the company to operate successfully in medium and large industrial contexts.

Among its clients are many top producers of machinery and installations operating in different sectors:

  • Waste and scrap recycling (presses and conveyor systems);
  • Naval construction (special cranes);
  • Construction of attractions for amusement parks;
  • Offshore installations;
  • Marble and stone processing;
  • Paper mills;
  • Leather processing plants (tanneries);
  • Molding machines;
  • Food processing;
  • Agriculture;
  • Plastics and rubber;
  • Industrial machinery.


When you contact Perozeni S.r.l. you know you can count on a single, reliable partner for the entire production cycle: from the purchase of the raw materials to delivery of the finished product. The company has an organization that enables it to follow the entire production process, thus optimizing timing and costs.

In addition, its technical personnel are highly qualified and in possession of specific skills that ensure their ability to perform custom processes according to the client’s drawing or sample, responding promptly to every request, always with a view to preventing any critical situations that could arise during the later stages of the production process.


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