Mechanical Metalwork on Commission:
consulting and project engineering services

Our enterprise, as a commission company engaged in operations of mechanical metalwork, also offers consulting and project engineering services, though not on a continuous basis, participating in the design and realization of our clients’ products.

A few years ago, the company decided to expand its engineering activities with a view to improving the various stages of processing in the company, and also to meet the engineering needs of the processes specifically commissioned by our clients.

Recently, we completed testing on a scale, designed and built for our own in-house use, which will be useful in handling sheet metal.

Just because our company handles the entire production process, we are able to take steps in advance to prevent any of the problems that might arise in later stages. We also provide a customized consulting service based on the parameters of the project to be built or processes to be carried out.

Consulting and Engineering
Procurement of raw materials and traceability
Medium/heavy mechanical metalwork
Other Services
CNC mechanical processes
Shot blasting, assembly and painting

For any information or request, don't hesitate to contact us. One of our managers will be assigned to work with you. 

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